MLB Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – May 28th – Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves

Matt Olson Over 1 Hits

Having faced the Philadelphia Phillies several times in the past, Olson is likely to be well-acquainted with the team’s pitching staff. This familiarity gives him a significant advantage as he is familiar with the Phillies’ pitching staff and tendencies, making it easier for him to anticipate their strategies and adjust his batting approach as needed.

Olson’s hitting metrics speak for themselves. His career batting average and on-base percentage reflect his ability to consistently get on base and contribute to his team’s offensive success. With his ability to to drive the ball deep into the outfield, Olson is a constant threat to opposing pitchers. The Phillies’ starting pitcher for today’s game is a right-hander. This bodes well for Olson, as he has historically fared exceptionally well against right-handed pitchers. With a strong track record of hitting righties, Olson’s confidence will be high, and he will be looking to exploit any weaknesses in the Phillies’ pitching rotation.

Heading into today’s game, Matt Olson is enjoying a remarkable streak of good form. Over the past few games, he has displayed exceptional hitting prowess, consistently connecting with the ball and driving in runs. Riding the momentum of his recent success, Olson will be looking to carry his impressive form into today’s matchup against the Phillies.

Olson has recorded a hit in 6 of the Braves’ last 10 games and has multi hit games twice in that span. He has 44 hits on the season and a whopping 14 home runs so far with an OPS of .860.

Hamme the over on Olson’s hit line tonight and let’s cash this play.

Spencer Strider Over 9 Strikeouts

Spencer Strider possesses an impressive strikeout ability that sets him apart from other pitchers. His repertoire includes a combination of electric stuff, pinpoint accuracy, and deceptive pitches, making it challenging for opposing batters to square up against him.

One of Strider’s greatest strengths is his arsenal of devastating breaking pitches. With a sharp curveball and a slider, he possesses the ability to keep batters off balance and induce swings and misses. Strider’s ability to locate these breaking pitches effectively allows him to exploit the weaknesses of opposing batters, leading to a higher number of strikeouts.

The Philadelphia Phillies have shown a tendency to struggle against pitchers who can consistently deliver high-velocity pitches. Strider’s fastball routinely touches the upper 90s, accompanied by excellent command and movement. This combination of velocity and precision could prove to be a significant challenge for the Phillies’ lineup, resulting in an increased likelihood of strikeouts for Strider.

Strider is having a stellar season with a 2.97 ERA and 97 strikeouts already this early in the season. He recorded 11 strikeouts in his last outing against the Dodgers and recorded 12 and 10 strikeouts in his previous starts against the Orioles and Blue Jays. Strider is averaging 6 IP per outing, so this gives him ample opportunity to hit this 9 strikeout line.

We’re on the over tonight for 9 strikeouts.

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