About Jock MKT

It was 1:07pm ET on a crisp fall Sunday afternoon. Tyler sat on his couch with a chicken wing in one hand and a pile of antacids in the other. He’s looking forward to watching 10 straight hours of football, but mostly he’s looking forward to his daily fantasy team dominating.

But soon Tyler’s day is ruined as he sees his quarterback being helped off the field with a torn ACL. Any chance of recouping his entry fees are gone. The wings he ordered don’t measure up to the standards of an upstate New York native. Full of regret, dashed dreams, and a little bit of heartburn, he knew there had to be something better.

That’s how Jock MKT was born. A daily fantasy sports marketplace where you can stay in the game. Your QB gets hurt? Sell his shares and turn your allegiance to another, healthier, player.

We are a team of traders, analysts, poker players, sports bettors and we have created an experience we would love to play ourselves.

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