The Basics

During a live event and up until the last game ends, all shares are priced by the market. The price you see for each player are driven by what price users are willing to buy and sell. Trades are matched in real time with other users, as long as there is a price match on both sides.

Prices for each player will change based on other users’ perceptions. Figure out where you think they’re wrong, make a trade, and make some money!

While the games are in progress, you can monitor price changes of each player, which reflects the last traded price or the most recent offer price. You can also sort the player pool by fantasy points scored or projected. Refer to the valuations tab to see where there may be some mis-pricing of players and an opportunity to make some money.

Buying and Selling

Placing buy and sell orders is easy. When you click on any player you can see their bid price (the highest price a user has offered to buy at least 1 share) and their ask price (the lowest price a user has offered to sell 1 share).

If you place a buy order at or above the ask, or you place a sell order at or below the bid, then your trade will at least partially fill immediately for the number of matched shares. If your trade is only partially filled or unfilled, you will receive a notification when more shares are matched.

Trading continues until the last game ends. So at any point you want to sell your shares in a player, even if that player’s game has already ended, you can-reinvest in another player who is still playing.

Now Go Play!

There are a ton of trading strategies out there. You could try what’s called “buy-and-hold” and simply monitor the shares you own as they change in value and wait til the end (booooooring!). You could also try high frequency trading and buy and sell dozens of times throughout an event whenever you see an opportunity to make a few bucks.