Trading 101

During an event, and any time before the last whistle, you can trade shares with other users.

User activity determines in-game pricing (new trade offers, and recently completed trades).

Watch live as prices update based on in-game performance.

Trades match in real-time, and happen when both sides meet on price. New offers always match best available (low price for buys, and high price for sells).

You can also sort the player list by fantasy points scored, projected fantasy points scored, or live price. Refer to the valuations tab to see where you think players may be undervalued.

Buying and Selling

Trading is easy. When you click on a player, you see the highest bid (most someone is willing to pay), and lowest ask (least someone is willing to accept).

If you place a buy order at or above the ask, or place a sell order at or below the bid, then your trade executes immediately (1 or more based on the number available at that price).

If your trade is fewer shares than your full order, then the rest remain open in your orders tab and you’ll be notified as others match you on price.

Trading continues to the last whistle of the last game. This means you can sell at any point, even if a specific player’s game has already ended, and then reinvest that money in another player.

Now Go Play!

There are tons of trading strategies out there.

The question you should ask yourself: are you more “buy-and-hold” and prefer to follow along (booooooring!), or are you unafraid to chop it up and “day trade” the momentum of the game?? You decide!!