Live Trading Guide

Trading 101

As soon as the IPO ends, Live Trading begins. Watch as prices update in real time based on user offers.

Jock MKT matches user trades in real-time, and happen when there is a match from a buy offer and a sell offers. New offers always match best available (low price for buys, and high price for sells).

Watch the Bid (highest offer to buy) and Ask (lowest offer to sell) prices update for each player.

Buying and Selling

Keep an eye on share prices of players you are interested in buying, and the prices of the player shares you own. Keep in mind at the end of the event each share pays out based on final scoring rankings, so determine whether the price to buy or sell gives you the best chance to turn a profit.

Got a player that is off to a hot start? Place a sell offer that gives you a nice profit. If someone buys those shares, take a look at the rest of the leaderboard and try to buy players that have started slow that you think will bounce back.

Trading continues to the end of the games or event. This means you can buy and sell at any time, even if a specific player’s game has already ended, and other games are still happening.

When the Event Ends

Once all the games are over, each player is ranked based on their fantasy points scored. Each player share pays out based on those final rankings, which can be found in the info section of every event.

In a contest format, shares are paid out in chips, and prizes are awarded to users based on final chip balances.

In a market format, the shares pay out in cash. User accounts are credited with the amount of share payouts.

Now Go Play!

There are tons of trading strategies out there.

The question you should ask yourself: are you more “buy-and-hold” and prefer to follow along (booooooring!), or do you want to chop it up and trade the momentum of the games?? You decide!!