Jock MKT lets you trade fantasy sports live — for real money.

Now you can buy shares in any of your favorite players, watch prices change based on in-game performance, and trade your shares live with other users — all for real money.

We use traditional fantasy scoring, with some minor differences.


Two Examples to Remember

1. Each rank is assigned a final valuation

  • 1st overall = $25 per share
  • 2nd overall = $20 per share
  • 3rd overall = $18 per share

2. Fantasy scoring determines final player rankings

  • 1st L. Doncic 64.4 fps >> $25
  • 2nd A. Davis 57.3 fps >> $20
  • 3rd J. Harden 55.9 fps >> $18


  • When the event opens, users bid on players during the IPO (Initial Player Offering) phase. Consider the valuations from the previous section when determining how much to bid for a player. Target players you think will outperform their projected points.
  • Watch live as IPO prices update in real time as users bid on players.
  • The IPO closes shortly before the games begin (9pm ET Wednesday for PGA, 6:30pm ET nightly for NBA, etc). When the IPO closes, shares are distributed to the highest bidders and live trading begins.
  • Place bids that are a bit higher than the current price. The bid you set is a “max bid” and you will likely end up paying less than what you bid.
  • You don’t need to invest all your chips during the IPO. The best results generally come from investing about 2/3 of your chips in the IPO, and reserving the rest to buy more players once the event goes live. 
  • Make sure you have notifications turned on so you can see when you are outbid for shares, or when another user accepts your trade offer.


Live Trading

  • In-game pricing is 100% driven by user activity. Prices update live based on new buy and sell offers, and recently completed trades. 
  • Once scoring is final, prices will match final valuations based on player rankings.
  • All final share valuations are listed within the app, and are guaranteed based on final player rankings. Check out the info button in the top right of an event to view more details.

Event Formats


Contests have a limited number of users. Every user joins for the same amount, and receives the same number of chips (like a tournament).

Final prizes are awarded based on your chip balance relative to other users. The higher your rank, the bigger your prize. Check contest details for exact prize structures.


Markets are the fantasy version of the real thing — you have access to your entire cash balance, you can buy one or more shares (in one or more players), and your goal should be to end with more money than when you started.

When a market ends, for each one of your active shares, you’ll get paid the final valuation based on player rankings. Any in-game trade will be matched with best available price at the time of your offer.

Ready to Start Trading?