Jock MKT lets you trade fantasy sports live for real money. This means while the games are on, you can buy and sell shares of any of your favorite players, watch prices change based on in-game performance, and trade those shares live with other users, all for real money. We use fairly traditional scoring with some minor differences.

Two Things to Remember

  1. Fantasy scoring determines final player rankings
    • #1 L. Doncic 64.4 fps
    • #2 A. Davis 57.3 fps
    • #3 J. Harden 55.9 fps
  2. Each final rank has a set share value.
    • #1 $50 per share (L. Doncic)
    • #2 $40 per share (A. Davis)
    • #3 $32 per share (J. Harden)

Event Formats


Each contest has a limited number of users, and every user buys in for the same amount and receives the same number of chips. Final user payouts are based on chip balances relative to other users. The higher your rank, the higher your payout. Check the contest details for exact payout structures.


Think of this like a traditional stock market- you can buy in for however much money you want, and your goal should be to leave with more money than you started with. The market has no limit on users, and as the number of users grows, so does the number of available shares.


  • Pricing is 100% driven by the market up until the end of the event when the shares are paid out based on final rankings. Jock MKT does not set any pre- or in-game pricing.
  • All per-share payouts are listed within the app and are guaranteed.