NBA Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – May 29th – Miami Heat at Boston Celtics

Caleb Martin Over 2 3-Pointers

Throughout the playoffs, Caleb Martin has been a consistent shooting force for the Miami Heat. His ability to maintain a high shooting percentage from beyond the arc has made him a valuable asset in this series and is a major reason why the Heat took a commanding 3-0 lead before Boston tied the series. Martin’s confidence in his shooting abilities is evident, and his teammates and coaches trust him to step up when it matters most. This unwavering self-belief will undoubtedly fuel his performance in Game 7 against the Celtics.

In each of the Heat’s last 6 games, Martin has scored at least 2 3-Pointers and has hit 4 3-Pointers in 2 games and 3 3-Pointers in 2 games this series. Martin is shooting 42% from beyond the arc this postseason and 36% against the Celtics this year. He is averaging close to 7 3-Point attempts in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Boston Celtics have had their struggles defending the perimeter throughout the playoffs. Their opponents have frequently found success from 3-point range, and this vulnerability presents an opportunity for Caleb Martin to shine. Martin possesses the speed and agility to navigate through screens and find open spaces on the court. With his quick release and accurate shooting, he can exploit any defensive lapses by the Celtics, giving the Heat a significant advantage from downtown.

Caleb Martin’s ability to create his own shot is a valuable asset that will play a significant role in his 3-point success against the Celtics. We’re heavy on the over 2 3-Point line for Martin tonight. Let’s cash this play.

Marcus Smart Over 14 Points

This line seems low considering Smart’s reliable performance for the Celtics in this series. He possesses a diverse offensive arsenal, including a reliable three-point shot, the ability to attack the rim with aggression and much to the Heat’ chagrin, Smart is able to draw fouls on the offensive end. Smart’s versatility will enable him to find multiple avenues to score against the Miami Heat’s defense. Smart’s increased offensive responsibility has allowed him to showcase his skills and assert himself as a primary scoring option for the Celtics. Smart’s aggressive scoring mindset will drive him to score more than 15 points in Game 7.

Smart has developed into a reliable long-range shooter. He has showcased his ability to knock down crucial three-pointers, often in high-pressure situations. Against the Miami Heat, Smart’s outside shooting will be vital to open up the floor and stretch the defense, providing ample scoring opportunities for himself.

Smart has scored 21 and 23 points in the previous 2 games in this series and hit 4 3-Pointers in Games 5 and 6. Increasing his field goal attempts the last 2 games to 15 and 16 shots respectively, there is plenty of opportunity for Smart to surpass this 14 point line tonight. He is shooting 37% from deep this postseason and 50% field goal percentage against Miami this season. Furthermore, by relentlessly attacking the paint and drawing fouls, he can accumulate points from the free-throw line, further boosting his scoring total.

Hit the over on this low 14 point line for Smart tonight. Cash this over play.

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