NBA Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – May 23rd – Boston Celtics at Miami Heat

Bam Adebayo Over 18 Points

As the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics heads for Game 4, one player who has the potential to make a significant impact tonight is Bam Adebayo. Bam is known for his versatile skill set and ability to dominate in the paint, he is primed to unleash a scoring barrage against the Celtics in a game the Heat are going to look to close out the series.

Adebayo’s ability to score from various spots on the court opens up opportunities for him to exploit the Celtics’ defense. Given his performance so far in this series, he will likely find ways to generate offense by posting up one-on-one or through open looks from his teammates and ultimately surpass the 18-point mark. He is a difficult matchup for any opponent on the Celtics and can overpower Al Horford or Grant Williams with his athleticism.

Adebayo has become a primary scoring option for the Heat behind Jimmy Butler. Bam has scored 20, 22, and 13 points respectively in the first 3 games of the series. His field goal attempts have increased significantly during the Heat playoff run and he is attempting as many as 17 shots per game. Bam is averaging 25 PPG against Boston this season, 20 PPG at home and exactly 18 PPG during their playoff run.

Hammer Bam’s over point line tonight in a game where both he and Jimmy Butler are going to stack the stat line sheet tonight and close out the series against Boston.

Jayson Tatum Over 10 Rebounds

Jayson Tatum’s rebounding surge in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat presents a compelling argument for him to grab more than 10 rebounds in tonight’s crucial matchup for the Celtics. Standing at 6’8″ with a wingspan of 6’11”, Tatum has the length to reach over opponents and grab rebounds in the paint. His ability to outmaneuver opponents for both offensive and defensive rebounds give him a solid foundation to assert himself on the glass against the Miami Heat.

Tatum grabbed 10 and 13 rebounds in the Celtics last 2 games against the Heat and is averaging 10.5 rebounds against the Heat this season as well as 10.5 rebounds in the postseason. Playing an average of 39 minutes per game in this series, there is ample opportunity for Tatum to secure this rebound line on both the offensive and defensive ends of the ball. The Celtics understand the importance of controlling the boards to limit second-chance opportunities for the Heat and to ignite the Celtics’ transition game for them to have a chance of sending this series back to Boston.

Combining Tatum’s length, athleticism, rebound performance this series and the Celtics desperation to get to a Game 5 and avoid a sweep make this rebound line seem easily attainable. The Celtics star is going to need to show up on the boards tonight and we’re favoring for him to do so.

Tatum and the over 10 rebound line tonight. Let’s cash.

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