NBA Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – May 16th – Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets

LeBron James Under 2-3 Pointers

When evaluating a player’s performance, it is essential to consider their recent form. LeBron James has been experiencing a relatively modest shooting performance from beyond the arc in recent games. While he has consistently showcased his overall offensive prowess, his 3-point shooting has been slightly below his average. This suggests that his shot may not be as sharp or consistent as usual, making it more challenging for him to convert from long range against a formidable Nuggets defense.

LeBron has only surpassed the over 2 3-pointer mark twice in his last 10 games. He is shooting just 29% from the 3 point line against the Nuggets this season and 30% from deep in road games. While LeBron still shoots from the 3 point line in high volume, he is not a threat from deep. LeBron tends to find open teammates along the 3-point line, so he is more of a threat from the assist stat line here than he is for actually making the shots himself.

We also need to factor in the Nuggets’ stingy defense. They will of course focus their attention on LeBron in order to make other Lakers perform on the offensive end of the ball. The Denver Nuggets boast a robust defensive lineup, known for their ability to disrupt opponents’ shooting rhythm. LeBron will be matched up against Aaron Gordon and the Nuggets have displayed a commendable ability to contest and challenge perimeter shots. Their disciplined defensive approach often forces opponents into difficult shooting situations, limiting their success from beyond the arc. LeBron James will likely face a similar challenge tonight, with the Nuggets’ defense making it arduous for him to find open looks for 3-point attempts.

While LeBron will put up big numbers today on the stat sheet, we don’t expect him to surpass the 2 3-pointer line tonight in Game 1 on the road.

Take the under and cash this play.

Nikola Jokic Over 13 Rebounds

Nikola Jokic is an absolute dominant force on the boards and while the 13 rebound line may seem high at first, it is one that is extremely reachable and likely to go over given Jokic performance this season and in this Nuggets’ playoff run. Nikola Jokic’s rebounding prowess is second to none. His combination of size, strength, and anticipation makes him a force to be reckoned with under the basket. Jokic consistently uses his long reach to secure rebounds on both the offensive and defensive sides of the court.

Nikola Jokic’s consistent rebounding production throughout the season serves as a testament to his skills and determination. His ability to perform at a high level night after night showcases his dedication to dominating the boards. Over the past few games, Jokic has consistently recorded double-digit rebounding figures, further solidifying his position as an elite rebounder in the league. Such consistency indicates that Jokic is in excellent form and will likely carry his rebounding success into tonight’s game.

Jokic is a double double machine and is averaging 13 rebounds both at home this season and in the postseason run. The Nuggets center grabbed 19, 16, 17, 4, and 10 rebounds respectively in each game against the Suns’ in the last series when matched up against DeAndre Ayton. Jokic’ presence on the boards often leads to extra possessions for his team, increasing their offensive efficiency and overall performance. The Nuggets rely on Jokic to provide a significant advantage in rebounding, and he consistently rises to the occasion.

Hammer the over rebound line tonight as we expect Jokic to show up big and deliver an MVP performance tonight in a game Denver should win.

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