Most Popular NBA Player by State

We took a look at all trades on Jock MKT for this NBA season to see who was the most popular player by each state. There were some pretty obvious results like Jayson Tatum in Massachusetts, Anthony Edwards in Minnesota, and Luka Doncic in Texas. But we were surprised to learn how some of the other states turned out…

The Winners

Looking at just the total number of orders, Stephen Curry grabs the top spot in our rankings with the most orders in the NBA this season. But when you look at individual state voting, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander takes the top spot with 8 state titles. Curry leads 4 states himself, including holding a dominant advantage in California and New Jersey.

It’s no surprise to see Gilgeous-Alexander with the second most overall orders to go with his 8 state titles, as he is currently the odds-on favorite to win Most Improved Player this year. A true buy-low candidate in every way this season, SGA has consistently driven positive returns for his share holders as he meets or exceeds his top-5 nightly projections.

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Other Callouts

No, that’s not a typo in Colorado, Trae Young really does have the most orders by a solid margin. In fact, Nikola Jokic is ranked 4th in Colorado, a solid 11% behind Young. As a consolation to Jokic fans, the Nuggets center holds 18% and 42% leads in neighboring states Utah and Wyoming.

Stephen Curry holds a dominant lead over fellow Californian Lebron James, who ranks a distant 9th in the state, and 13th overall nationwide. Lebron has missed some games early this season which has driven down his order volume, but when he is on the court he remains one of the most popular players.

You may be saying to yourself “Jusuf Nurkic in Georgia? Derrick White in Montana? Dyson Daniels in North Dakota? Who is that?” Maybe you should jump in to Jock MKT and find out WHY these players find themselves at the top of the rankings.

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Wrapping it up

At Jock MKT it’s not always about picking the player who finishes first (although it’s hard to convince me I shouldn’t just buy shares of Luka every game he plays…). It’s about picking the player who is going to exceed expectations. If SGA is playing in a market with Giannis, Luka, Steph, Tatum, etc, he will no doubt sell for a lower price. But he’s shown this season to be a consistent performer, so how long will those low prices last?

And who is the next breakout star?

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