MLB Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – New York Mets at Washington Nationals

David Peterson Over 5 Srikeouts

Today’s focus is on David Peterson, who is gearing up to face the Washington Nationals. Despite some less-than-stellar statistics this season, Peterson’s impressive strikeout ability combined with the Nationals’ struggles at the plate make him a lock to surpass 5 strikeouts in today’s matchup. 

When assessing David Peterson’s potential, one aspect that cannot be overlooked is his consistent performance in the strikeout department. In the 7 games he has started this season, Peterson has struck out at least 5 batters in 6, which is no small feat. The only instance where he fell short was due to being pulled early because of an injury. While Peterson may not boast a sparkling win-loss record or an exceptional ERA, it’s important to shift our focus to his strikeout numbers, which truly showcase his prowess on the mound. Over the course of 34 innings pitched this season, Peterson has accumulated an impressive total of 40 strikeouts. This equates to an average of approximately 1.18 strikeouts per inning, a commendable rate that demonstrates his ability to overpower opposing batters.

Peterson is set to square off against one of the MLBs worst teams, the Washington Nationals. The Nationals have struggled offensively this season, ranking among the worst in the league when it comes to striking out. Their lineup has been plagued by inconsistent contact, leading to a significant number of strikeouts. This presents a favorable scenario for Peterson, who will likely exploit the Nationals’ offensive weaknesses and capitalize on their struggles at the plate.

It is worth noting that Peterson will be making a spot start in the absence of the formidable Max Scherzer. While some might view this as a disadvantage, it could work in Peterson’s favor. With limited expectations placed upon him and the pressure of a regular starting role lifted, Peterson can focus solely on executing his pitches and accumulating strikeouts. David Peterson’s recent performances, consistent strikeout numbers, and the favorable matchup against the Washington Nationals make him a strong candidate to surpass 5 strikeouts in today’s game. 

Hammer the over 5 strikeout line for Peterson.

Luis Garcia Over 1 Hit 

Take the over on 1 hit for Luis Garcia in the upcoming game against the New York Mets. Let’s delve into the stats that make this bet a highly favorable one. Luis Garcia has been an absolute force in May, establishing himself as a key offensive contributor for the Nationals. With an impressive 13 hits on 38 at-bats, he has consistently found success at the plate. Garcia’s batting average during this period is a remarkable .342, indicating his ability to make solid contact and find gaps in the defense. His recent hitting performance alone makes a compelling case for betting on his hits prop.

What’s even more exciting is Garcia’s recent multi-hit streak. The slugger enjoyed a remarkable 5-game stretch where he consistently delivered multiple hits in each game. Although the streak ended on May 9th, Garcia wasted no time bouncing back. In his last game, he went 3 for 5, providing a strong indication that he is ready to embark on yet another multi-hit streak.

What makes this pick more attractive is the opposing pitcher, David Peterson of the New York Mets. Over the past month, Peterson has had a tough time on the mound, pitching a total of 19.1 innings with an abysmal 9.78 ERA. His struggles have resulted in numerous hits for opposing batters, and Garcia is primed to take advantage of this vulnerability.

When facing a pitcher with a high ERA like Peterson, Garcia’s confidence at the plate is likely to soar. Given Peterson’s recent performance, it is highly probable that Garcia will have ample opportunities to connect with the ball and rack up hits against a struggling pitcher.

All signs point to a successful hitting performance from Luis Garcia in the upcoming game against the New York Mets. His exceptional May performance, coupled with a recent multi-hit streak, suggests that Garcia is in top form and ready to continue his hitting rampage. Furthermore, facing David Peterson, a pitcher with a 9.78 ERA over the last month, only strengthens Garcia’s chances of delivering another impressive hitting display.

Take the over of 1 hit for Luis Garcia today against the Mets.

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