MLB Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – May 26th – Los Angeles Dodges at Tampa Bay Rays

Noah Syndergaard Under 4 Strikeouts

Today, we are taking the under on strikeouts for Noah Syndergaard, set at 4, in his upcoming matchup against the formidable Tampa Bay Rays. Noah Syndergaard’s recent performances on the mound raise concerns about his ability to rack up strikeouts. Over his last five games, he has managed just 11 strikeouts in total, surpassing the four-strikeout mark in only one of those outings. This lackluster strikeout production suggests that Syndergaard may struggle to generate swing-and-miss opportunities and accumulate strikeouts against a talented Rays lineup.

Adding to the uncertainty surrounding Syndergaard’s performance, he has been dealing with a cut on his index finger of his pitching hand. This injury introduces a variable that could potentially limit his effectiveness and impact his ability to pitch deep into the game. With questions surrounding his durability and the potential limitations imposed by the injury, it becomes increasingly likely that Syndergaard will fall short of the 5-strikeout mark tonight. 

Furthermore, Syndergaard has struggled this season, evident in his elevated 5.88 ERA across nine starts. While injuries to Julio Urias and Dustin May have pushed Syndergaard into the rotation, his performances have been far from stellar. Facing a formidable Rays lineup, which boasts one of the best offenses in baseball, Syndergaard is likely to face significant challenges and struggle to accumulate strikeouts.

The Rays’ lineup is stacked with talented hitters, including Wander Franco, Randy Arozarena, and Brandon Lowe, who possess both power and the ability to hit for average. This offensive firepower has propelled the Rays to one of the best records in baseball. Given Syndergaard’s struggles this season and his history against the Rays, it is evident that they possess a solid scouting report on him, enabling them to exploit his weaknesses and limit his strikeout potential.

In previous matchups against the Rays, Syndergaard has faltered, evident in his 5.31 ERA and 1.54 WHIP across 10 career starts. Notably, he has surrendered a significant 10 home runs in those outings. Considering Syndergaard’s recent lack of strikeouts, the uncertainty surrounding his injury, his struggles with a high ERA, and the Rays’ offensive prowess, the under on strikeouts for Syndergaard becomes an incredibly compelling choice. 

Freddy FreemanO 2 Hits + Runs + RBI

With the line set at 2 Hits+Runs+RBIs for the exceptional Freddie Freeman in his highly anticipated matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays, we’re taking the over. Easy money.

Freddie Freeman has undeniably emerged as a shining star in the world of baseball during the month of May. His performances have been nothing short of exceptional, as he consistently displays his talent and prowess on the field. In just 20 games, Freeman has accumulated an impressive 18 extra-base hits and an astounding 22 RBIs, showcasing his ability to contribute to his team’s offensive success.

But it doesn’t end there. Over the past two weeks, Freeman has taken his offensive brilliance to another level. In his last 12 games, he has been nothing short of unstoppable, recording an impressive 22 hits in 48 at-bats for a remarkable .458 batting average. This remarkable stretch has also seen him deliver 12 extra-base hits and an impressive 17 RBIs. Opposing pitchers have found themselves struggling to contain Freeman’s offensive onslaught.

The Rays’ pitching staff has been dealing with instability, resorting to a pitching-by-committee approach. With Jalen Beeks expected to take the mound, Freeman finds himself in a favorable position to exploit the vulnerabilities of this unconventional strategy. Beeks has struggled to pitch deep into games since April, often lasting no more than a couple of innings. This presents an ideal opportunity for Freeman to capitalize on this advantageous matchup and continue his offensive dominance.

Since March 9th, he has recorded a hit in every single game, extending his incredible hitting streak to an impressive 16 games. This consistent level of excellence showcases his skills and ability to make a significant impact on his team’s offensive production. Given Freeman’s exceptional form, consistent performance, and the favorable circumstances surrounding tonight’s matchup, taking the over on 2 Hits+Runs+RBIs is the easiest pick on a busy Friday in the MLB. 

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