MLB Jock MKT Pick ‘Em – June 5th – Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays

Shane McClanahan Over 6 Strikeouts

The talented left-handed pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays has been turning heads with his exceptional performance on the mound. As the Rays prepare to face the formidable Boston Red Sox, there are strong indications that McClanahan will continue his dominance and record more than six strikeouts. With his arsenal of pitches and a track record of success, McClanahan is poised to deliver a stellar performance that will leave the Red Sox struggling to make contact with the ball.

At 8-1 with a 2.07 ERA, McClanahan has 82 strikeouts on the regular season so far and recorded 7 strikeouts in each of his last 3 outings pitching against the Cubs, Blue Jays and Brewers. He recorded 9 strikeouts in his last contest against Boston back in April. Statistics from previous matchups reveal that the Red Sox have struggled against left-handed pitching, making McClanahan’s chances of recording more than six strikeouts even more promising. McClanahan is a hard-throwing left-hander who relies on his fastball and slider to get hitters out. His fastball averages 97 mph, and his slider is one of the best pitches in baseball. McClanahan has been able to miss bats with both pitches this season, and he should be able to do the same against the Red Sox

His strikeout prowess, coupled with the Red Sox’s struggles against left-handed pitching, provides a positive matchup for McClanahan to surpass the six-strikeout mark. We’re going to hammer this line today and expect a 7+ strikeout outing for McClanahan.

James Duran Over 1 Strikeout

Duran is a young and talented player, but he has struggled with strikeouts in his career. He has 50 strikeouts on the season in just 150 plate appearances. Duran will be facing a tough challenge against the Rays, and he is likely to strike out multiple times. He will need to find a way to make better contact if he wants to be successful against Tampa Bay. He is still a young player who is developing his plate discipline and tends to swing at bad pitches.

Duran will be facing off against Shane McClanahan who boasts an 8-1 record with a 2.07 ERA and 82 strikeouts on the season. The Rays’ dominant pitching depth from the bullpen combined with Duran’s limited Major League experience create a challenging scenario for the young outfielder. McClanahan will be well-equipped to exploit any vulnerabilities and force Duran into making unfavorable swing decisions, potentially resulting in multiple strikeouts. In 3 games played against the Red Sox this season, he has struck out 5 times.

McClanahan excels at mixing speeds, utilizing breaking balls, and pinpointing his locations to induce swings and misses. There is little confidence to think that Duran will be able to overmatch the Rays pitching staff today.

Let’s cash the over on Duran’s 1 strikeout line today as this could be an easy 2 strikeout day for the Rays vs. Duran.

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