IPO Guide

What is the IPO?

The “Initial Player Offering” is an auction where users bid for shares of players. Watch the prices update in real time as the price is driven up by user bids.

At the end of the event, all shares pay out based on fantasy scoring rankings, so place your bids according to where you expect each player to finish. You can find the valuations using the info button in the top right of any event.

IPO Basics

The IPO opens roughly 24 prior to the start of an event, and closes shortly before games begin. Click on any event to view when the IPO begins and ends.

Once you place a bid, the total bid amount (shares * price) will be held as pending. Users will receive a notification when they are outbid for shares, and are then free to bid higher on that player or any other. Watch as the IPO price updates in real time based on user bids.

Think about your bids as “max bids,” and likely you will end up paying less than what you bid. The live price is the minimum needed to cover all available shares.

Think about whether you want to bid on just a couple players or diversify across more of the field.

You don’t have to invest your entire balance in the IPO. There will be some good buying opportunities during Live Trading, so keep some balance available to take advantage!

Important Note: Once an IPO bid is placed, you cannot edit or cancel the bid. The total bid amount will be held as pending in your account until you are outbid, or the IPO ends and you win shares.

When The IPO Ends

When the IPO ends, all shares are released to the highest bidders. The winning price is the lowest price needed to cover all available shares of a player.

Any bids in excess of the IPO price are returned to users after the IPO.

Once all shares have been distributed to users, Live Trading begins.

Got More Questions?

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