Introducing: Jock MKT Challenges!

This week we are introducing the newest way to play Jock MKT: Challenges! Each week, on our instagram, twitter, and discord we will announce the weekly challenges to complete. Challenges can range from simply joining an event each day of the week to buying players that meet specific criteria (such as trading shares of 3 different players in NHL markets or trading shares of a player who wins an MLB market). Each challenge will have a corresponding point value as a reward for completing it. The total amount of points you accumulate throughout the week will determine your eligibility for different rewards, which increase in value based on the number of points necessary for eligibility. The rewards will range from Jock MKT shirts, to FEE-FREE weeks of trading, to raffles for Jockbucks. So stay on the lookout for challenges get ready to earn some sweet rewards!

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