Gameplay Details

Gameplay Details


Before the contest starts, place bids on players during the IPO (Initial Player Offering) process. Target players you think are undervalued, or will outperform their projected point totals. On the order screen, you will see how high a player would have to finish to justify that bid price.
You will be notified if another user outbids you for shares, and once you place a bid the chips are held as “pending” as long as you have the high bid.

Approximately 30 minutes before the games start, the IPO ends and shares are released to the top bidders. Jock MKT operates as a “second price auction”, meaning the winning bidder pays the second highest bid. As an example — if you have the winning bid of $10 for a share of Patrick Mahomes, and the second highest bid is $6, then you would pay $6 per share. From there, trading begins in the open market with other users.

Live Trading

Jock MKT is just that, a market. Buyers and sellers are matched in real time, and trading determines the live pricing. During the games, for each player you can see the bid price (amount offered to buy) and the ask price (amount offered to sell), as well as the gap between these two, known as the bid-ask spread. Try lowering your ask or raising your bid to entice buyers and sellers to match your price.

Jock MKT matches buyers and sellers in real time, allowing the market to determine pricing for players. A rookie wide receiver catches an 80-yard touchdown pass? Watch his price skyrocket. That stud QB goes down in the 2nd quarter with a broken hand? Watch his price plummet. Maybe you see a WR consistently beating coverage, and you know it’s only a matter of time before his QB starts finding him. Buy his shares now and watch as your cunning mastery of sports earns you real money.

As you watch the games, see which players are over- or under performing and buy players on the rise! If one of your players has a strong start to his game, see if you can sell some shares and lock in a profit, or hold until the end of the contest.


When the games end, player shares are paid out based on performance. In a market format, user accounts are credited with the value of the shares they hold. In a contest format, users are credited with chips, and then users with the highest chip counts receive their winnings. All payouts are guaranteed and clearly listed prior to and during the contest.